Mediation in Debt Law – Don’t Let the Debt Collectors Beat You in Mediation When Sued for Debt

Mediation in Debt Law – Don’t Let the Debt Collectors Beat You in Mediation When Sued for Debt

This video helps the pro se defendant prepare for mediation. warns of pitfalls that could cause you to lose your shirt in mediation and shows you how to come out ahead. Explains how the mediation process works, how the mediator will probably run the session and what he or she will say, and even what the debt collector’s lawyer is probably going to say. This video tells you exactly what to expect so you can prepare for some of the pressures you’re going to feel without being surprised by them. Don’t Lose Your Shirt in Mediation!

What makes everybody have a good chance against a debt collector is simply the way the debt collection business works. Junk debt buyers buy huge “tranches” or “portfolios” of debt — sometimes many millions of dollars of “nominal” debt at a time. “Nominal” debt means that is the amount that is theoretically owed, although the companies selling it, like the companies buying it, “discount” the value of debt depending on how long it has been in default (or based on other risk factors). Debt collectors buy huge amounts of the riskiest debt for pennies on the dollar.

Then they harass and dun the people who supposedly owe the money for a while, and then they file suit, often against dozens or hundreds of people at a time. Because the debt collectors are doing everything in “bulk,” they cannot really spend much time on individual cases. If you fight them, therefore, you have an excellent chance to make them go away — it’s simply too profitable for them to pursue the many who do not fight rather than the few who do.

If you hire a lawyer  or a Mediation Alderley to fight for you, they are more likely to drop your case faster, but if you fight them intelligently even without a lawyer you will have an excellent chance to win the suit on your own. And this, again, is because every time you file a pleading, a motion, or discovery, or pursue any of your rights or potentials in the lawsuit, and every time you force the debt collector to appear in court, you are costing them money — money they hate to spend on you when there are so many others who won’t fight.

Buying property in Spain

Buying property in Spain

What to watch out for when buying a property in Spain

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Let’s give the basic “Buyer Beware” warning first when buying or renting a Spanish property. It goes like this: Believe Nothing, Check Everything!

When the buyer might listen from the vendor or the estate agent that everything is in order, please look for independent legal advise for peace of mind. Even when there is not an outstanding mortgage, when you are told that it measures x square meters, measure yourselves or through your own surveyor. When you hear saying the terrace, pool, storage, basement, bedroom is included in the deal, I might recommend you to check the plans and double check with your solicitor. Any reputable seller will be perfectly happy to have his offers checked by an independent lawyer. Spoken words do not count. Only pieces of paper count when a property is for sale.

We all are aware of the presence of illegal urbanizations where unwary buyers end up having problems of unpaid taxes, unregistered title deeds, and difficulty in obtaining municipal services or building permission.

Some properties are sold to buyers where many corners will have been cut to save costs both on the buyers side (not using an independent solicitor), and the builder or seller side. You could find the following problems:

1. Lack of bank guarantee on stage payments (off-plan)

2. Title deed and Cadastrer problems (non registerd deeds, different measures that do not match with real metres on the house and land, etc)

3. Lack of project and license for the house.

4. Lack of 10 years structural insurance certificate.

5. Lack of licence of first ocupation.

6. Undervalued title deeds.

7. Lack of bulletins. (certification for electricians and plumbers)

8. Infrastructure problems.

We highly recommend you to employ an INDEPENDENT SOLICITOR who will be working only for you and look after your best interest. The right time to employ your lawyer is before you committ yourselve and pay any money out. The tax implications are very important and it is good for you to be aware prior to signing any document. Whether you buy an apartment or a villa, decide to rent a luxury villa, or just to buy an off plan property, do not forget to protect your money with the right and independent advise from your lawyer. Let us take the worry away and start enjoying in Spain while living in Spain!

► Contact us:
Pellicer & Heredia
+34 965 480 737

Conveyancing – Make Sure Your Solicitor Does the Job (NSW)

Conveyancing – Make Sure Your Solicitor Does the Job (NSW)

Michael Teys gives advice on strata law issues for apartment owners and the strata community in Australia.

TEYS Lawyers – Strata Lawyers

Reproduced courtesy of “Property Success’, a Lomas Media Production

A Common Problem …. Dealing With Hydrangeas Under Stress

A Common Problem   …. Dealing With Hydrangeas  Under Stress

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Alberta Justice Minister Quits

Alberta Justice Minister Quits

Alberta’s justice minister and solicitor general has resigned his cabinet posts citing marital problems and a court proceeding involving his estranged wife.
Find out more at!

Common Small Business Problems in Ireland

Common Small Business Problems in Ireland This video looks at some of the many common problems which face small business in Ireland..for SME’s, start ups, sole traders, partnerships and limited companies.

Solicitors Welwyn Garden City | Ewart Price Solicitors

Solicitors Welwyn Garden City | Ewart Price Solicitors

Solicitors Welwyn Garden City – We are a firm of solicitors based in the heart of Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. We have been established here since 1983 and have built a sound reputation as a law firm which combines quality professionalism with approachability. We believe that our clients feel comfortable asking us to provide solutions to their legal problems.

We treat our clients as individuals and we provide them with the highest level of service at all times. We know that many legal procedures can involve obscure and complex processes. We will try to explain legal issues to you in plain English as it is important to us to ensure that our clients are completely involved in the legal process.

Our areas of practice are as follows:

• Residential and Commercial Conveyancing
• Wills and Probate
• Personal Injury and Accident cases
• Commercial law
• Employment law
• General civil litigation
• Family law
• Shared Ownership purchases and sales

Ewart Price is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and the Law Society.
Learn more about Ewart Price Solicitors by contacting us at 01707 332383 or visit us online at:

best personal injury accident solicitors stockport | person injury solicitors marple stockport

best personal injury accident solicitors stockport | person injury solicitors marple stockport
Tel: 0161 660 9232
Best personal injury accident solicitors | person injury accident solicitors Marple Stockport Addison Legal Priory House Ellesmere Avenue Marple Near Stockport
Cheshire SK6 7AN
Addison Legal are a specialised firm of personal injury lawyers set up by Greg Yates,who has over 15 years experience in all types of injury claims and recovering compensation for accident victims, as well as a Bachelor of Law degree, a Masters degree in International Law and a Diploma in Personal Injury Litigation. Your interests are therefore in safe hands. The practice is based in the Manchester area with a majority of our clients from Marple, Stockport and Preston, but we represent clients from all over the UK. With our network of operatives all over the country, visiting you at home to talk about your injury claims can be easily accommodated. We also guarantee 100% of your Injury claims compensation, and do not ask you to sign a loan or credit agreement. The only cover you may need is insurance in case you lose, as out opponents will then require
their legal costs to be paid. We will organize this for you, unless you already have legal expense insurance of your own, on your car or home insurance, or perhaps even via cover on your credit card. We understand the trauma an accident can sometimes bring. How are you going to cope without a car?
How can you make ends meet whilst you are not able to work? do you have to live with this pain?
What medical assistance should you need?
We have the answers to help you, like being able to supply you with a free courtesy car.
Types of claims
Injury’s And Claims That We Can Cover
Road Traffic Accident, as a Driver or Passenger
Trip on a Pavement, in a Shop or a Work
An Accident at School
An Assault or Criminal Attack
A Slip or trips in a Shop, at Work or Anywhere
Crashes involving a Hit & Run Driver
General Accident Claims
An Accident on a bus
Pedestrian’s involved in Car Accident’s
Accident’s caused by a Defective Product
Get in touch with Greg at Addison Legal to make a claim now, and put your interests in safe hands.
In a “no win, no fee” agreement, a solicitor is only entitled to be paid if he wins all or part of your case, and his fees are normally paid by the loser or his insurance company. It does not come out of any compensation you are awarded. If the case is lost, the solicitor loses too, and he has to accept the loss. We will not ask you to pay for anything — insurance policies, medical expenses, court costs, or anything else — and will finance your claim free and without exception. We also guarantee your compensation will be paid to you in full, 100% with absolutely no deductions.
Insurance compensation
Your Injury claims compensation is assessed in accordance with the injuries you have sustained and in accordance with a medical report which is usually needed to document your injuries. This award is known as general damages, to compensate you for your initial pain and suffering, as well as for any continued problems you may suffer which you have not suffered previously. It also covers loss of amenity for not being able to do the things you would ordinarily do, like play sports or enjoy hobbies.Injury Claims
If you are likely to be continually affected from your injury and you cannot work, you are entitled to be compensated for disadvantage on the labour market. Even if only temporarily incapacitated, you can claim your loss of earnings, including possible loss of overtime and bonuses. We can even calculate loss of pension rights for you.
In a car crash, you can also claim for the write-off value or cost of repairs to your car, the cost of a replacement or hire car, even property damaged in your car. We will sort all of this out for you, and we can even arrange for a car to be delivered to your door if your car is not drive able or unsafe.
You can also claim for travelling expenses, the cost of painkillers and medicine, as well as other miscellaneous expenses which you have only incurred because of the accident. If you think you have an expense you want to claim for, just tell us and we will advise you.

Free Legal Cover
With free legal cover from Addison Legal there’s no need to ever take out legal expense insurance again!
We guarantee all your legal expenses, even your medical fees and court fees which we have to pay for you.
There’s nothing to pay at all whilst your case is running, and the other side’s insurance company will pay your legal fees at the end of the case, so you can sleep soundly with Addison Legal providing free legal cover also.

The Best Solicitors in Wolverhampton

The Best Solicitors in Wolverhampton

Solicitors in wolverhampton is here If you find yourself in a legal fix, or in need of help with a legal problem,

hiring a solicitor to help you get through it is probably the right solution.

Even legal problems that seem very straight forward may end up having wide

reaching implications. Only Solicitors in wolverhampton who’s been trained to deal with these

situations in a professional context can give you good advice on how to deal

with them. Since there are many different legal problems you may find yourself in,

there are just as many different types of solicitors in wolverhampton. Specialist wolverhampton solicitors will

have expertise in a particular area, but may not be as well trained in others.

Here are some basics about the various types of solicitors.

Many every day situations require the advice of someone who knows

what to do when it comes to the law. For instance, the simple act

of buying property requires wolverhampton solicitors to help things go easily.

If you get a traffic violation that you don’t feel was your fault,

you might consult solicitors in wolverhampton city centre, someone about what to do next, and property

suits also require the help of a solicitor in wolverhampton.Solicitors in wolverhampton is here to solve all

Cavity Wall Insulation Compensation Claims – Dispute Resolution Solicitors

Cavity Wall Insulation Compensation Claims – Dispute Resolution Solicitors

Andrew Leakey discusses the problems that can occur if your home has had cavity wall insulation installed when not suitable.

If you live in an exposed area of the UK and have had cavity wall insulation installed your home could be at risk of developing damp problems.

If you believe that wrongly installed cavity wall insulation has led to damp problems in your home give us a call on 0333 344 4885 to discuss your claim for compensation.

Cavity Wall Insulation Claims

The Solicitor’s Handbook 2009 by Andrew Hopper QC and Gregory Treverton-Jones QC

The Solicitor’s Handbook 2009 by Andrew Hopper QC and Gregory Treverton-Jones QC


An appreciation by Phillip Taylor MBE and Elizabeth Taylor of Richmond Green Chambers

Theres no more authoritative guide to the rules and regulations governing solicitors in England and Wales than the second edition of the Solicitors Handbook for 2009 published by their governing body, The Law Society, now in 19 chapters and 25 appendices.

If you are a solicitor, The Solicitors Handbook 2009 should certainly now be a permanent fixture on your shelf or desk, placed conveniently at your right hand especially in view of the volume of regulation now faced by solicitors.

For last years edition we described it as a handy statement of the current rules without going online.
We remain in an age of handbooks as the legal profession continues to be regulation mad. However, this particular edition is much needed because it draws together all of the most important rules and regulations that affect solicitors in one volume.

The 19 chapters (one extra from last year) are conveniently split into four areas: the overview; the rules; fraud and money laundering; and the regulatory and disciplinary system in practice. The heavy formal detail is found in the, now 25, appendices, although its fair to say that the book needs to be used a bit first in order to familiarize yourself where things are.

The authors, a solicitor advocate and barrister respectively, are both QCs and specialists in the field of professional regulation and discipline. They have updated the second edition to take account of all recent developments in the regulatory landscape. Expert commentary is provided on the practical realities of the regulatory and disciplinary environment in which you as a solicitor will operate, backed by illuminating discussion of the relevant decided cases.

As pointed out in the preface to this edition, there are two major changes effected by the Legal Services Act of 2007 that are not yet in place, namely alternative business structures (true external ownership of law firms) and the complaints and redress system to be established by the ombudsmen (sic) scheme of the Office for Legal Complaints, which will replace the current Legal Complaints Service.

Nonetheless, relevant to the 2009 edition of the Handbook is the fact that the Legal Services Act 2007 is now in force even if, in the words of the authors, in some respects the practical effects [of changes engendered by the new law] have not yet been tested.

The Handbook contains useful and detailed supporting materials including the text of the latest versions of : The Solicitors Code of Conduct 2007) and the Solicitors Accounts Rule 1998, together with the Accountants Report Form revised in May 2009.

Youll also find:
•SRA Recognised Bodies Regulations 2009 (31 March 2009)
•Solicitors Financial Services (Scope) Rules 2001(revised 31 March 2009)
•SRA Warning Cards (May 2009)
•Law Societys Anti-Money Laundering Practice Note
•Legal Services Act 2007 (extracts)

So, in all, this is an authoritative publication designed to assist you in maintaining professional standards and identifying and dealing with regulatory and disciplinary issues before they escalate into the terrifying realms of serious and costly error for your practice

Updated with the practitioners perspective always in mind, it gives expert commentary on the practical reality of the regulatory and disciplinary environment in which solicitors operate with the new provisions. And it discusses all of the relevant decided cases in the field and will also be of us to barristers who conduct public access work.

Like the continuing confidence of the Master of the Rolls in his Foreword which is repeated for this edition, Hopper & Treverton-Jones remain successful in their aim of helping to avoid innocent mistakes which can lead to serious consequences. Although, as Sir Anthony said last year, the internet provides information which is fully up to date at any given moment, he recognises that this handbook gives basic principles which can be readily consulted without going online. It still does, and it maintains the highest standards of the formal detail it gives practising solicitors with the new conduct regime.

ISBN: 978-1-85328-770-3


Second edition


Andrew Hopper QC and Gregory Traveston-Jones QC