Mediation in Debt Law – Don’t Let the Debt Collectors Beat You in Mediation When Sued for Debt

Mediation in Debt Law – Don’t Let the Debt Collectors Beat You in Mediation When Sued for Debt

This video helps the pro se defendant prepare for mediation. warns of pitfalls that could cause you to lose your shirt in mediation and shows you how to come out ahead. Explains how the mediation process works, how the mediator will probably run the session and what he or she will say, and even what the debt collector’s lawyer is probably going to say. This video tells you exactly what to expect so you can prepare for some of the pressures you’re going to feel without being surprised by them. Don’t Lose Your Shirt in Mediation!

What makes everybody have a good chance against a debt collector is simply the way the debt collection business works. Junk debt buyers buy huge “tranches” or “portfolios” of debt — sometimes many millions of dollars of “nominal” debt at a time. “Nominal” debt means that is the amount that is theoretically owed, although the companies selling it, like the companies buying it, “discount” the value of debt depending on how long it has been in default (or based on other risk factors). Debt collectors buy huge amounts of the riskiest debt for pennies on the dollar.

Then they harass and dun the people who supposedly owe the money for a while, and then they file suit, often against dozens or hundreds of people at a time. Because the debt collectors are doing everything in “bulk,” they cannot really spend much time on individual cases. If you fight them, therefore, you have an excellent chance to make them go away — it’s simply too profitable for them to pursue the many who do not fight rather than the few who do.

If you hire a lawyer  or a Mediation Alderley to fight for you, they are more likely to drop your case faster, but if you fight them intelligently even without a lawyer you will have an excellent chance to win the suit on your own. And this, again, is because every time you file a pleading, a motion, or discovery, or pursue any of your rights or potentials in the lawsuit, and every time you force the debt collector to appear in court, you are costing them money — money they hate to spend on you when there are so many others who won’t fight.

The Best Personal Injury Solicitors In Cardiff 01183 100 454 The Best Accident Solicitors In Car

The Best Personal Injury Solicitors In Cardiff   01183 100 454   The Best Accident Solicitors In Car
The Best Personal Injury Solicitors In Cardiff – 01183 100 454 – The Best Accident Solicitors In Cardiff
The Compensation
The degree of reimbursement the complaintant is able to collect will become discussed by the best personal injury solicitors in Cardiff in connection with their defendant’s solicitor or maybe decided at trial, even though the majority claims do maybe not go to trial and are decided out of court.

The law altered on first Apr 2k13, though precisely what continues is definitely the approach of “no gain, simply no fee”, despite the fact that the updates were considerable. Starting this day, the “success fee” that was actually the benefit to the solicitor for acquiring on a case which might fail devoid of charge by his/her clientele, and that had been earlier due through the losing offender, will have to be paid by the Claimant himself.
The volume of that winner cost is totally confined as part of particular injury instances to a maximum of 25% out of the sum recuperated from the Defendants as part of reimbursement for the injuries and the past times, currently sustained, finance losses only i.e. whether presented £10,000.00, of which £5,000.00 is certainly for the wound, £3,000.00 will be during the former losings, and/or £2,000.00 for the expected foreseeable future losings, the maximum success fee is (twenty five percent of £5,000.00 + £3,000.00) £2,000.00. Generally there is definitely one particular example in that a losing complaintant may possibly have actually to pay up charges however: if they creates a claim just which is definitely counterfeit or also one and distinctly by no means possessed any sort of worth at all.

No matter what the reason of the damage, truly being wounded in an vehicle accident or even as the consequences of carelessness can be completely stressful, however anyone could rest guaranteed that our staff of the best personal injury solicitors in Cardiff own the knowledge and knowledge necessary to render you with the proper care and help that you will need when you are looking to recoup reimbursement for your injuries.

When you are generally searching to generate a private injury claim, the initial step is to notify us of the ways additionally where exactly the accident happened, as well as providing us with particulars of the problems accumulated and any budgetary losses being sustained e.g. loss of money. With this particular information, we will likely be able to present you an initial idea of whether or not you have got a reasonable scenario for payment.

Whether you have suffered an injury at work, been involved in a road traffic accident, or have been injured in the street, contact us today to arrange an appointment to visit our office in Cardiff and receive the honest and impartial advice from the best personal injury solicitors in Cardiff.
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The Best Personal Injury Solicitors In Cardiff
The Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Cardiff
Best Cardiff personal injury solicitors

(6).Can we trust Solicitors & Ins. Co. with our private info

(6).Can we trust Solicitors & Ins. Co. with our private info

Hi all just a quick update for those who have been keeping an interest in our case ” Accident at Costco’s” our new solicitor has asked me to make a “Statement” for the next case management conference to be held in Central London County Court for trial instead of Edmonton County Court. I will be posting my statement below but I am sure that our solicitors won’t agree to it and will make changes? Will put you all in the picture of the outcome.


I Colin Berry am making a statement on behalf of my wife Mrs. Mary Berry and my self; the reason why Mrs. Berry is unable to make her own statement is because of a head injury received at the accident.

I Colin Berry am a self employed businessman who ran an established business since 1983 named “Colin Berry BMS” it specialized in Electrical and Plumbing and also offered to carry out Building Maintenance Specialist work on commercial and domestic properties.

My wife does domestic work, 31 and a half hours a week for various individuals including 10 hours for Enfield Council, she also carried out additional work dealing with the clerical side of my business in taking calls and keeping accounts to date.

Accident at Costco

We went shopping on the 5 April 2003 at Costco Chingford around 5:00 p.m. after passing the first isle walking in between the first and second isle we heard an enormous bang that shook the whole building, preventing my wife from taking another step forward she flew out of my grasp and vanished followed by another enormous bang two washing machines lying in front of me but my wife was not to be seen, I panicked trying to find her she was thrown about 10 ft behind me in the opposite direction from where we were heading. She was unconscious with blood coming from her mouth, I laid beside her calling her name and suddenly realized that she needed an ambulance and shouted out, get an ambulance, but there was no one around it must have frightened everyone, it seemed forever but eventually someone tiptoed and poked their head around the corner I screamed at them get an ambulance please.

Finally a plea was announced across the tannoy asking for Medical Assistance, a doctor and several other people two of which were an ambulance crew; they were directed to the scene by Costco’s management but the management kept well away from the seen of the accident? My wife finally stirred I asked her if she was all right but she was still dazed the ambulance crew that was shopping there came and introduce themselves to me and began to put my wife into a safe position awaiting the Air Ambulance crew to arrive.


The police were called, their was around five officers at the accident they had to seal the whole area off one of the police officers who was taking photos remarked, don’t worry we have taken 14 photos of the incident and have all the names of the witnesses, he pointed up to show me where the washing machines were stacked, 8 machines on the highest shelf the remaining 4 were tipping over, there was barely sufficient room to accommodate the 4 that fell at the back, the bottom 2 machines fell on the racking on our side the top 2 machines that fell and hit my wife was 30 ft. high the police officer remarked how the machines manage to pull the cling film down because of their weight resting on it due to the 20% overlapping.

Air Ambulance

The air ambulance crew had to cut my wife’s clothes off to enable them to assess her injuries, she was in a lot of pain and refused to move they eventually managed to lift her on to the stretcher and went, I was told that a constable would take me to the Royal London Hospital. When I arrived at the Hospital she was in the emergency intensive care area where a lot of X-rays was taken, after a while a Doctor approached us with the X-ray and informed me that three of my wife’s vertebrae’s were fractured and showed me on the X-ray that there was concern for internal bleeding and wanted to take more CT scans, now it is past 10:00 p.m. I am told that it is best that I go home don’t know the area and asked my son-in-law to come and pick me up.

Admitted in Hospital

My wife was in intensive care for five days and was moved to an adjoining ward after, she had to wear an extremely restrictive “neck collar MJ 200L” for over a week, she had bruises to the head and extensive bruising to the right side of her rib cage and arm, she looked a mess, she could not turn her head to the left without extensive pain, she had a body cast made and fitted, that allowed her to move more freely, 12 days later I over heard a conversation made by her Consultant Dr. Afshar on the phone debating whether or not to discharge my wife with his superiors, “there is a possibility that the bone may break away” after the phone call he approached us saying there is a shortage of beds would she be prepared to accept to be discharged. Well I gather that they were willing to take the risk on behalf of my wife, throwing the ball into our court, I guessed if there were patients that needed the bed it would be right that she accepted to be discharged and I agreed. (I am appalled to think that the NHS is under such considerable strain that they are prepared to release patients with such severe damage to their vertebras and partial movement to her neck, not to mention her head injury, which was totally discarded.)

Outpatient at Bart’s

Regular X-rays was taken at Bart’s Hospital and a CT Scan at the London Chest Hospital revealing, this is what the nurse had to say, “in the 15 years doing this work I have only come across one other similar fracture, there is only a wedge remaining of one vertebrae carrying a rib, how did this happen?”
I mention to the Consultant’s in charge of Mary’s case at Bart’s that she has a memory problem and was told, I am a Consultant Neurosurgeon there is nothing I can do for Mary and finally referred Mary to a Consultant Neurologist Dr. Gawler at Bart’s.

Dr. Gawler said that he couldn’t locate any problems with Mary’s short-term memory loss. Dr. Gawler requesting that Mary see a local psychiatrist, letter sent to Mary’s GP Dr. Connaughton, letter dated 24 March 2005; he had also made an appointment with a Mr. Blunden Chartered Clinical Psychologist for the 27.6.05. At the appointment on 27 June 2005 Mr. Blunden told me that Mary’s GP failed to carry out the request made by Dr. Gawler for a local Psychiatrist to see Mary. Apparently I only knew of the appointment to see Mr. Blunden he was annoyed that the request was not followed through by Mary’s GP.

Eventually Mary saw a local Psychiatrist, Consultant Psychiatrist at the CMHS Edmonton N9
Dr. Balasubramaniam asked for reports from the following doctors mention. Psychologist Dr. Gillion Century was assigned to her case, further test conducted by Dr. M. K. Burke Clinical Psychologist and was referred on to Dr. Kizzy Alner Clinical Neuropsychologist at Queen’s Square London, she advised me that our Solicitor should obtain private rehab for Mary “remarked Medico Legal should have been involved in the first six months,” she advised in her report that Mary should obtain rehab.

Our first and second Solicitors’ failed to see the need to obtain rehab for Mary or even obtaining an independent Medical Expert Report, with my constant pleading for protocol rules to be in force the both Solicitors’ ignored my request, I had to report the both Solicitors’ to the Law Society. They failed my wife dismally and refused to obey any of my instructions. Currently we are on our third firm of Solicitors’ and my wife is still consulting a local psychiatrist and awaiting Brain Rehab assessment at Edgware Hospital.

Second Claimant Colin Berry

I am still in a dream I cannot believe what has happened, my heart torn from me and haven’t had the time to recover, its as if my soul is missing and has been replaced with sheer determination.
My world fell apart and have not been given the opportunity to recover in the midst of deep sorrow and destruction lies a soul that is misplaced and required some form of normality to regain its consciousness.
Extremely hurt injured and bitter determine to get justice at no matter what cost.

Business and accounts

We was thrown into the deep end and left to die, we received no financial help or advice from the hospital or our solicitor, eight months before an interim payment of £5,000 was offered, my wife required constant care, I had to employ someone we knew and trusted and someone to help with the backlog of work already booked in my business, pledges that we could not deny, customers that had over twenty years loyalty and elderly. I had to accomplish clearing my pledges in whatever way I could and what ever help I could get, realizing that it was impossible to keep my business going due to extreme circumstances I find myself in, the reality is that people want plumbers and electricians ASAP and remain till the job is done.

After dismissing our first appointed solicitor for professional negligence he demanded £15,000 + to release the files eventually settled for £5.875.00 as an interim payment.

The second appointed solicitor took the case on a private client bases, saying that it was till they received the files from the first solicitor but decided to leave us on a private client basis till they finally came off the records that was a further £1,000 in interim payment.

We have cleared all of our savings of £15,000 and Mary’s life insurance policy of a further £10,000 and loss of earnings for 4 and half years.

This accident not only destroyed us physically but also mentally and demolished all the faith we had in our society.

My landlord said the roof is fixed but it’s still leaking – what should I do?

My landlord said the roof is fixed but it’s still leaking – what should I do?

Charlotte Collins, solicitor from our housing team talks about what you should do if you are still having problems with a leaky roof. For more information on how we can help, visit our website

LEXLAW UK Immigration & Visa Solicitor interviewed on RT News

LEXLAW UK Immigration & Visa Solicitor interviewed on RT News

“UK’s Tech Industry Held Back by Sluggish Visa Process” | LEXLAW UK Immigration & Visa Solicitor Aisha Choudhry interviewed on RT (Russia Today) News Channel by Laura Burdon-Manley | More info on this story:

LEXLAW ImmigrationTeam Solicitor, Aisha Choudhry is featured on international television channel RT News in a news item discussing UK Business Immigration. Aisha discussed the Immigration Rules restricting businesses in the UK from employing overseas skilled workers.

Aisha opined that Home Secretary Theresa May MP is dangerously and indiscriminately massing all migrants into one category. She believes that there is too much focus (and intended political publicity) on sham marriages and Tier 4 Students who are abusing the UK immigration system, as oppose to those migrants (that the UK economy needs) who want to invest a significant amount of money into the UK such as Tier 1 Investors and Entrepreneurs.

Despite the international talent available, it seems that the UK’s harsh immigration policy is holding back the technology sector (as well as other parts of industry and commerce) as a result of the UK government’s unwelcoming attitude which is led by a poll-sensitive rather than economic and societal sentiment.

In addition to this, it seems that the UK government’s harsh immigration policy is also deterring international students from studying in the UK and those exceptionally talented students who are already in the UK cannot take advantage of the Tier 1 Post Study Work route which was closed to new applicants on 5 April 2012.

For more info @UKVisaSolicitor @LEXLAWuk @RT_com

Resolving financial issues in divorce

Resolving financial issues in divorce

Solicitor Richard England looks at how you can reach a financial settlement when you divorce. For more visit

Video transcript:
Divorce settlement – how can they be reached? I often get asked to advise couples in respect of the best way to resolve the financial issues of the divorce. What I say first of all is the best thing to do is to try and reach an agreement between you because otherwise there can be substantial costs involved in arguing using lawyers. In any event I make clear that it is important that they need to do as much of the groundwork they can in terms of setting the landscape of the financial picture, i.e. getting all of the financial information together, that is a very cost effective way of engaging your lawyer who can then advise you and hopefully move forward swiftly to a settlement.

Once you reach a financial agreement it is important that that is set out in a legally binding document called a consent order and that must be approved by a Court otherwise either party could go back on it at any time in the future. It is therefore important that separating couples seek professional advice from a specialist family lawyer.

Shared Parental Leave Tricky Issues

Shared Parental Leave Tricky Issues

Following our recent webinar Frances Cameron (Associate Solicitor) and Lisa Kelly (Solicitor) discuss common questions on the Shared Parental Leave scheme and provide practical advice in how to implement the changes.

Japanese Knotweed – Treatment, Removal & Compensation

Japanese Knotweed – Treatment, Removal & Compensation

Dispute resolution solicitor Amy Johnston provides an overview on the issues faced by home owners who discover Japanese Knotweed on or near their property.

Stephensons’ client Judith Scott also talks about her experience after finding Japanese Knotweed on land next to her home. Judith talks about the problems she faced and how Stephensons were able to help her with the removal and treatment of the weed in addition to obtaining compensation.

If you are having problems with Japanese Knotweed call the experts at Stephensons for a consultation on 0333 344 4885.

You can also visit our website for more information:

Conveyancing Solicitors – Problems with roots from trees causing damage

Conveyancing Solicitors – Problems with roots from trees causing damage

When you are buying or selling a house make sure you get the surveyor to look at any potential liabilities you might have because of tree roots. A lady from North London recently had to pay £17,000 damages because her tree roots damaged a wall of the neigbouring house.

When you are getting your conveyancing done, always feel free to mention anything you might be worried about to your conveyancing solicitor. They will check things for you and have a lot of experience in matters like this.

Paul Hajek – Clutton Cox Solicitors

Debt Collection in Ireland

Debt Collection in Ireland

If you have debt collection problems or if you are facing legal action on foot of a debt contact a solicitor now for a free quotation and consultation at

Kate Limbert Solicitors in Lingfield

Kate Limbert Solicitors in Lingfield

Kate Limbert Solicitors are located in Lingfield, Surrey and they offer reliable, friendly, professional and discreet services in Buying, Selling Residential or Commercial property. They provide their services in Lingfield, Crawley Down, East Grinstead, Crawley, Horsham, Reigate, red hill, Merstham, Crawley, Horsham, Dorking, Sevenoaks and Horley areas. The services include Family Law, Separation, Divorce, Disputes about Children, Domestic Violence Wills and Probate Friendly local firm that aim to help and put your mind at rest from the minute you initially contact them. They aim to provide a professional, personal, effective solution to all of your day-to-day legal needs. They use their expertise to complete this work as quickly as possible and their experience to identify potential problems before they arise. They are committed to providing clients with clear, practical advice, combined with an efficient and courteous service, working in partnership with you to resolve the legal issues that may impact on your private or working life. If you are looking for a solicitor of reliable and approachable reputation who will do more than just respond to your needs, they would be delighted to be of service. For further information or if you have any queries contact the number above.