Mediation in Debt Law – Don’t Let the Debt Collectors Beat You in Mediation When Sued for Debt

Mediation in Debt Law – Don’t Let the Debt Collectors Beat You in Mediation When Sued for Debt

This video helps the pro se defendant prepare for mediation. warns of pitfalls that could cause you to lose your shirt in mediation and shows you how to come out ahead. Explains how the mediation process works, how the mediator will probably run the session and what he or she will say, and even what the debt collector’s lawyer is probably going to say. This video tells you exactly what to expect so you can prepare for some of the pressures you’re going to feel without being surprised by them. Don’t Lose Your Shirt in Mediation!

What makes everybody have a good chance against a debt collector is simply the way the debt collection business works. Junk debt buyers buy huge “tranches” or “portfolios” of debt — sometimes many millions of dollars of “nominal” debt at a time. “Nominal” debt means that is the amount that is theoretically owed, although the companies selling it, like the companies buying it, “discount” the value of debt depending on how long it has been in default (or based on other risk factors). Debt collectors buy huge amounts of the riskiest debt for pennies on the dollar.

Then they harass and dun the people who supposedly owe the money for a while, and then they file suit, often against dozens or hundreds of people at a time. Because the debt collectors are doing everything in “bulk,” they cannot really spend much time on individual cases. If you fight them, therefore, you have an excellent chance to make them go away — it’s simply too profitable for them to pursue the many who do not fight rather than the few who do.

If you hire a lawyer  or a Mediation Alderley to fight for you, they are more likely to drop your case faster, but if you fight them intelligently even without a lawyer you will have an excellent chance to win the suit on your own. And this, again, is because every time you file a pleading, a motion, or discovery, or pursue any of your rights or potentials in the lawsuit, and every time you force the debt collector to appear in court, you are costing them money — money they hate to spend on you when there are so many others who won’t fight.

lawyer varies greatly across legal jurisdictions-USA Settelment Solutation

lawyer varies greatly across legal jurisdictions-USA Settelment Solutation

lawyer varies greatly across legal jurisdictions-USA Settelment Solutation
A lawyer is a person who practices law, as a barrister, judge, attorney, counsel (counselor at law) or solicitor.[1] Working as a lawyer involves the practical application of abstract legal theories and knowledge to solve specific individualized problems, or to advance the interests of those who hire lawyers to perform legal services.

The role of the lawyer varies greatly across legal jurisdictions, and so it can be treated here in only the most general term

Closing –Justin Cabral (R) for Solicitor General @ AAUW 2012-10-24

Closing –Justin Cabral (R) for Solicitor General @ AAUW 2012-10-24

Political Forum by AAUW
Performing Arts Center, Valdosta High School, 3101 North Forrest Street
Videos by John S. Quarterman for Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange (LAKE),
Valdosta, Lowndes County, Georgia, 24 October 2012.­candidates-aauw-2012-10-24.html

Gerald O’Flynn – Can’t Get You Out of My Mind –

Gerald O’Flynn – Can’t Get You Out of My Mind –

The Singing Solicitor from Cork !

Well, when in Ireland……..
Gerald will sing his way through all of your problems and his easy going music will soothe all of your woes.
No doubt, if he sang in court, he would win all of his cases.
For more info go to:

Friend Request from EAD Solicitors?

Friend Request from EAD Solicitors?

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Best Injury Attorneys River Ridge LA – Saving money when choosing auto accident lawyer

Best Injury Attorneys River Ridge LA – Saving money when choosing auto accident lawyer – Wikipedia reports, “A lawyer is a person who practices law, as a barrister, judge, attorney, or solicitor. Working as a lawyer involves the practical application of abstract theories and knowledge to solve specific individualized problems, or to advance the interests of those who hire lawyers to perform legal services.”

What Do Accident and Injury Attorneys Do?
If you have been injured, psychologically or physically, or if you have suffered a loss due to the negligence or wrongdoing of another person, a business, a governmental agency, or other entity, then you may be entitled to compensation.

You can find a personal injury attorney near you, to provide legal representation. You might be seeking the best lawyers for auto accidents, for a motorcycle collision, or a construction accident attorney, or an attorney for free consultation about a work injury compensation claim, or to seek criminal injuries compensation.

Perhaps you need personal injury claims advice, or a family member needs a traumatic brain injury lawyer, or has slip and fall accident damages, has suffered from a wrong medication or surgical or hospital error. Perhaps a pedestrian or boating or cruise ship accident needs a top compensation attorney, or you have an insurance compensation claim for a catastrophic injury, serious brain injury, or spinal cord damage, to collect damages or an out-of-court settlement, or you simply need some road accident claims advice.

Your counselor might represent you in a court case, or he might negotiate a lawsuit settlement, for example, if you have a traffic accident compensation claim.

How personal injury claims work — While we usually think of this as one specialty, in fact there exist many situations, and legal specialists may focus on any or all of these fields.

For example, a lawyer for injuries, accidents, and losses may handle legal cases arising from — Animal Bite, Asbestos and Mesothelioma, Aviation Accidents, Car Accidents, Truck Accidents, Traffic Collisions, Motorcycle Accidents, Pedestrian Accidents, Boating or Maritime Accidents, Products Liability, Property Damage, Railroad Mishaps, Slip and Fall Accidents, Premises Liability, Dental or Surgical or Medical Malpractice, Hospital Errors, Toxic Mold and Tort, Brain Injuries, or Wrongful Death.

Daughter impregnation

Daughter impregnation

LANCASTER COUNTY, SC (WIS)–A man whose grandson is also his son will spend a year in prison after admitting to sexually assaulting and impregnating his daughter 14 years ago.

Fred Lee Montgomery, 47, pleaded guilty to second-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor in a Lancaster County courtroom Monday morning. A judge sentenced him to 15 years in prison, but suspended all but one year.

Tiara Stevens, 27, who was only 13 years old when she gave birth to her son, said Monday she was shocked by the sentence.

“It was a slap in my face,” said Stevens.

“To wait 14 years and all a person gets is 1 year? A pat on the back, telling them it’s okay to molest your daughter, impregnate her, and for her to have a child, a blind child? It’s ok?”

“At the time, we only had a two bedroom trailer, so I slept on the floor of the mobile home, and he would come in there and he would go have sex,” said Stevens in October. “And he would leave, and he would go back into the bedroom.”

After a DNA test indicated Montgomery was the boy’s father, he was indicted in 2000.

After bonding out of jail, Montgomery, Stevens and her son lived in the same small town until the case went to trial on Monday.

“He was calm, didn’t show any remorse,” said Stevens. “I sat there and I cried out. The only thing he did say was that he had a problem. He finally admitted he had a problem.”

When WIS asked the 6th Circuit Solicitor’s Office why the case took approximately 12 years to go to trial, solicitor Doug Barfield said “It’s just a case that we did not realize was, we jumped on it. She [Stevens] called. We jumped on it. We’ve been working hard on it ever since.”

“We didn’t used to have a computerized system up here,” said Barfield. “We also had a fire at the courthouse which destroyed a bunch of documents and we had to recreate some things.”

When Montgomery is released from prison, he will be on probation for an additional four years and will have to register as a sex offender.

Tiara says she’s forgiven her father. She’s not sure how to tell her son, who is also her brother, that his grandfather will get out of prison next year.

“From this day forward, I will fight for victim’s rights to make sure this never happens again,” Stevens said.

Correctional officers protest outside Alberta Sol-Gen office

Correctional officers protest outside Alberta Sol-Gen office

Correctional Peace Officers rallied on Feb. 1, 2013 outside the constituency office of Solicitor General Jonathan Denis, to protest a management culture that puts prisoners’ interests before guards’. “Senior management refuses to address system-wide problems like overcrowding and staff shortages. Instead, when there is an incident, they go on a witch hunt and ignore the real issue,” said Clarke McChesney, Chair of Local 003 of the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees, which represents correctional and regulatory employees of the Alberta government.

Personal Injury Solicitors | Personal Injury Solicitors UK

Personal Injury Solicitors | Personal Injury Solicitors UK

Personal Injury Solicitors – 5 Things To Consider Before Choosing

Making sure you have the right personal injury solicitor to represent you in your accident compensation claim is vital. However, with so many people claiming to be accident compensation solicitors, how can you possibly know which accident claim solicitor is going to be the best one for you?

Simple, ask the following 5 questions of any personal injury solicitors:

1. Is The Personal Injury Specialist Qualified To Handle Your Accident Claim?

May sound rather like a silly question, but today most solicitors elect to specialise in particular areas of law. As such, you need to make sure your personal injury solicitor specialises in accident injury claims before you appoint them.

Keep in mind that if your chosen accident claim solicitor does not specialise in this particular area of law then they are unlikely to know what the current trends in the law are and this could end up costing you money. Moreover, the area of law dealing with accidents tends to be highly specialised – requiring certain medical terminology skills.

Again, if your solicitor is not aware of these, it could end up costing you! So, before agreeing to hire an accident solicitor, make sure you ask if he/she has current experience in this area of law. You may even want to ask if their law firm has a specialised accident injury department. If they don’t, you should possibly consider going to another law firm that does.

2. Is Your Personal Injury Solicitor Taking Any Charges From You?

When you and your accident claim solicitor sign a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) you want to make sure that in the agreement the solicitor is going to claim for all of their fees and expenses from the opponent and not from any accident compensation you receive.

If the solicitor gives you any problems here, don’t hire them and remind them of the Access to Justice Act which permits them to claim all reasonable costs from the other party!

3. Out-Of-Pocket Expenses?

Most personal injury solicitors love to include a clause in the CFA that you are going to be responsible for all out-of-pocket expenses. Out-of-pocket expenses can include any medical treatment you receive at the request of your accident compensation solicitor, any overtime incurred by the solicitor’s staff, telephone and fax charges, etc.

The solicitor should be responsible for these costs which should be re-claimed from your opponent. However, be warned: the courts will only allow you to claim ‘reasonable’ costs and only on the basis of you winning your case.

4. Is The Accident Compensation Solicitor Aiming To Settle Or Go To Court?

Sometimes, though not always, solicitors don’t listen to the wishes of their clients and instead go after what they believe the law entitles their client to claim. As such, if you want to settle the claim, rather than go to court, you should ask your personal injury solicitor whether they have any objection to such.

Conversely, if you want to go to court, but your solicitor is advising that you settle the claim, you should discuss this with them to see if there are any adverse effects for taking your injury claim to court.

5. What Happens If You Lose?

Solicitors are expensive – so what happens if you lose? You need to ask this question of your accident claim solicitor to see if he/she is willing to insure your claim against the chances that you may lose.

Keep in mind that if you do lose it is not your personal injury solicitors who are going to be reasonable for the fees and expenses that have accrued to-date, but you! And you don’t want to be the victim of the same accident twice, so don’t listen to any discussions about how you cannot lose and make sure you have adequate protection should the impossible actually happen!

Personal Injury Solicitors URL:
Solicitors Regulation Authority:

“personal injury solicitors”

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Caribbean Temptation Valentine

Caribbean Temptation Valentine

**DISCLAIMER I’m not affiliated with any company. I’m not a solicitor or a promoter. I purchased all of my items with my own money and always have done so. I will tell anyone who asks where I purchased my nail supplies and that’s it. ***

Happy Valentine’s day all. This nail art will reflect that. I had no problems with the design. I did, however, have problems picking out a color though. I wanted to do a different color but nothing jumped out. Since I try to do different colors for the week whenever I run out of an ideal color I will resort to pink.

So here’s a nail art for the week. Happy Saturday.